Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake
Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake. Long time ago, Vietnamese sticky rice cake became the traditional cuisine of the Southern in Tet Holiday. If each type of cake has its own destiny and origin, sticky rice cake too

The tale of sticky rice cake in Southern
According to the remaining historical written, the sticky rice cake is own to the host of this land. It is the Cham Pa in history (formerly Sa Huynh). About 2 millennia ago, Cham people have a flourishing culture development and reach the peak. Absolutely the culinary culture too. The sticky rice cake which is the Southern Vietnamese make today is the product of the exchanging process. Furthermore, this cake received Viet – Cham cultural or also the inheritance of the values ​​of predecessors. Inside, the polytheistic beliefs reception of Cham culture, including the traditional beliefs and worship of rice gods.

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